International networking and significance of IFAT
(International Federation of Anthroposophic Therapies)

As therapists we work in our private practice, schools, clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Within the framework of our own country, we deal with the relevant areas of our profession that are nationally specific. It is of great importance that our professions develop further on the international level alongside other professional bodies and approaches and establish themselves politically and legally.

IFAT coordinates national anthroposophic therapy associations or professional bodies at international level.

IFAT promotes cooperation between national and international health care associations with representatives of anthroposophic therapies.

IFAT promotes the development and mutual help and support of anthroposophic therapists and practitioners in countries where no professional association exist.

IFAT promotes science, research and teaching within anthroposophic therapies and its application.

As an international platform, IFAT is a member of EUROCAM and ANME. These umbrella organisations, which are active internationally and throughout Europe, are committed to forward-looking changes in today's health care system. Their work is very important for the further development and cooperation of all CAM modalities. WHO support this systemic approach international.

IFAT currently has  27 full members (professional associations) and 5 associate members.
Our therapeutic professional groups are networked in more than 40 countries worldwide

Full members are professional associations of the three anthroposophical therapeutic fields (Eurythmy therapy, Arts therapies and Body therapies).

Associate members are representatives (country delegations) of therapists in countries where there is no professional association for the corresponding anthroposophic therapy. The appointed in accordance with the corresponding IFAT regulations.

We are organized within the profession according to scientific, legal-political and economic-professional aspects.

We are united by a spiritual view of man and the world, which is essential in topics such as the sense of coherence, resilience and the search for meaning of one's own existence according to the studies of Antonovsky.
Through our spiritual-scientific training we strive to develop a lively and flexible thinking and clarity in our feeling life.

  • We are thus part of a system of anthroposophical medicine, a well-organized network whose center lies in the School of Spiritual Science in Dornach.
  • We can contribute our expertise to social development especially in salutogenesis, in the psychosomatic field, in the work with children and adolescents and with older people and people with chronic diseases, such as autoimmune diseases/cancer.
  • We work as part of the anthroposophical therapy network, interdisciplinary and integrative to academic medicine. Integrative medicine can be seen as a way of combining complementary therapeutic and scientifically oriented medicine.
  • We can offer therapeutic procedures that have been developed over decades of exchange among specialist groups and between disciplines.
  • In Switzerland, a state-recognized quality procedure has already been developed and proven for all CAM therapists, which could support the development of such a procedure in Europe.